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8 December 2016 - COCIR eHealth summit: Digital Health Innovation - define, measure impact




15 June 2016 - The European Critical Care Foundation joins the Integrated Care Alliance.


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28 April 2016 - The European Society of Anaesthesiology partners with ECCF to promote continuity of care in peri-operative medicine




27 & 28 January 2016: COCIR eHealth Summit: Integrated Care - Breaking the silos

Better integration of care pathways can play a key role in improving outcomes of critically ill patients.


2 January 2016: The European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care partners with ECCF to improve the care of critically ill children




23 March 2015: Experts call on the medical profession and healthcare policy makers to address the decline of autopsies.


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29 October 2014: ECCF initiates a pilot project to improve cross border access to primary angioplasty across borders between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.


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23 May 2014: ECCF presents the cross-border survey findings at EuroPCR 2014.


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31 March 2014:

ECCF calls on Members of the European Parliament to improve early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases among women by signing Written Declaration 0003/2014.


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18 February 2014:

ECCF publishes a survey of cross- border collaboration for acute heart attack patients in 10 EU member states.


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11 February 2014

Most Europeans are still unsure about which number they should call in case of emergency in a foreign country. According to a recent Eurobarometer survey, less than half of Europeans do not know they can use “112” to reach emergency services in EU Member States. Despite years of efforts, awareness levels remain stuck at around 50%, including for regular travellers.

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23 January 2014:

Equity Action Conference: Sir Michael Marmot, “There is now overwhelming evidence that everyone in Europe should and could live in better health for longer, provided all government policies prioritise reducing health inequalities’.

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3 December 2013:

EuRegHa conference “Governance of Research for Regional Health Strategies” in the European Parliament.

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3 June 2013:

The European Critical Care Foundation and Stent for Life Initiative brief the European Commission's Committee on the Cross-border Healthcare Directive

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23 January 2013:

The European Critical Care Foundation and Stent For Life Initiative call on EU institutions and Member States to improve access to life-saving therapies for acute heart attack patients

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30 0ctober 2011:

Stent for Life Initiative and the European Critical Care Foundation announce alliance to fight inequalities in access to primary angioplasty.



Heartlands - the case for Cross-Border Cooperation In Coronary Care

Professor John Martin explains the case for cross-border cooperation in acute coronary care settings

The European Critical Care Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of care of critically ill patients in Europe.

The ECCF was established in 2007 in response to the strong demand from emergency doctors for independent, outcome oriented research into the care of critically ill patients.

There is a severe lack of funding for research in this area, as more than 80% of both public and private research funds go into chronic diseases.

ECCF works to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to the research and thinking, and focuses on the non-biotechnological determinants that bring high technology to the critically ill patient.

These range from physical infrastructure and organisation of healthcare, through to governance infrastructure – reimbursement mechanisms, laws, policies, guidelines & decision-making frameworks. Beyond that, social and cultural attitudes also have a role to play in determining the care that is delivered to critically ill patients.

Extrapolated across Europe, each critical care environment can lead to very different outcomes for a given illness or situation – and not all of them can be best outcomes for the patient, their family or their society.

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EuropeanParliament, Brussels, 29 June 2016




Hospitals of the future - the role of integrated care in improving outcomes and prognosis


Brussels, 22 June 2016



Contact: info@euroccf.org for further information

Critical Care Day Roundtable

Brussels 2 October 2015


Topic overviews



London, 6 March 2015: Workshop on The Decline of Autopsy and Implications for the Care of Critically Ill Patients





The Case for Cross-border collaboration - a pilot project to improve access to primary angioplasty to treat acute heart attack patients across borders between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia


Outcomes in the eye of the beholder


Hand on the Head of a Preemie in an Incubator



Improving access to life saving therapies for acute heart attack patients


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