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Making a difference when it's critical

The European Critical Care Foundation (ECCF) is an independent, not-for-profit foundation established in 2007 to improve the care of critically ill patients across Europe.


It was founded to explore the role of non-medical factors in determining the outcomes of critically ill patients, identify obstacles impeding better outcomes, and to bring solutions and recommendations to European policy makers to address those barriers.  


With current healthcare policies focused predominantly on long term risk reduction strategies and management of chronic conditions, relatively less attention is paid to the particular situation of critically ill patients. The European Critical Care Foundation addresses critical conditions and services, from initial site to stabilisation in the hospital. During this short window of opportunity, high quality care has an essential role to play in helping to reduce the risk of needing medical treatment and care in future, thereby addressing the burden of chronic conditions and contributing to the sustainability of European healthcare systems.


ECCF is medically driven and works in partnership with a variety of critical care stakeholders to help shape healthcare policy and practice as it relates to critically ill patients. ECCF is the only collective health policy organisation working at EU level with this particular focus.


Our values

The European Critical Care Foundation strives to be:


  • Evidence-led - supporting policies and practices that comply with current professional knowledge and standards of care
  • Patient-centred - considering critically ill patients or their surrogate decision-makers as key partners in the process of care
  • Population-focused – promoting optimal use of resources without differences, variations and disparities in the health achievements of individuals or groups
  • Independent, inclusive and impactful, through respectively:
    • commitment to ECCF’s mission, strong leadership and governance, & diversity of funding
    • a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing barriers to better outcomes
    • strategic, targeted EU advocacy in alliance with partners active across Europe





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