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Partnership Criteria


Critical care is a field in which a multitude of actors have an important role to play. As such, ECCF has a flexible approach to partnership, wherein different levels of involvement and resources apply.

Strategic partners help set the agenda of ECCF, by recommending priority issues, plus receiving Action and Core partner benefits.


ECCF is proud to welcome the following strategic partners in 2016


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Action partners contribute to activities and initiatives in specific areas of critical care at EU level, developed in collaboration with ECCF, plus receiving Core partner benefits.

Core partners contribute to the overall goal of optimal critical care, receiving regular news about events and issues of relevance in Brussels, inclusion of the organisation’s logo and name on documents and ECCF’s website, invitations to workshops and events organised by ECCF.


Who can join ECCF?


Partners can include, but are not limited to, the following constituencies:

  • Healthcare & medical professional societies
  • Patients’ organisations
  • Coalitions, networks, multi-stakeholder platforms and similar initiatives
  • Academic or scientific research organisations
  • Non-profit trade associations and umbrella organisations
  • Public institutions (e.g. regional health authorities)
  • Private individuals

European Connections

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