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Heartlands - the case for Cross-Border Cooperation In Coronary Care

Professor John Martin explains the case for cross-border cooperation in acute coronary care settings

Outcomes in the Eye of the Beholder: Decision-making on behalf of Extremely Pre-term Infants

In February 2013, ECCF brought together parent group representatives, neonatologists and other stakeholders to examine how better to support parents making decisions on behalf of their very premature infants.

Why access to primary angioplasty needs to be improved

Cardiologists and other experts explain how improving access to life-saving therapies for acute heart attack patients across Europe has multiple benefits for patients and health systems.

Chairman and co-founder of the European Critical Care Foundation, Professor John Martin explains ECCF's unique approach to improving the delivery of care to critically ill patients.

The European Critical Care Foundation (ECCF) was established to improve understanding of the organisation and delivery of critical care, raise awareness of factors that lead to unequal and inequitable outcomes, and trigger action in European institutions to overcome those barriers.

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