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Why we need your help

Heart attacks account for 54% of all deaths in women across Europe and 43% of the deaths in men, killing more people than all cancers combined. You are more likely to die of a heart attack if you live in the Ukraine than in France where the death rate for men aged under 65 is fourteen times higher.

In a ground breaking new approach, the ECCF brings together experts from the fields of medicine, law, philosophy, public policy and science to identify and address the issues that determine the survival and care of critically ill patients. ECCF is focused not on doctors and treatments, but on patients and results.

The ECCF is entirely dependant on the financial support of companies, foundations, statutory bodies and individuals to carry out its work. We are actively seeking partners to fund a range of innovative research and policy initiatives, which will have a far-reaching positive impact on the situation of patients facing critical illnesses in Europe.

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